Why is FLAG necessary?

Over the last fifty years, there have been four major developments.

  • the Left dominates the news media in America; and outside of America, left-wing media are often the only major news media,
  • the media report most news in the light of their Left-wing values,
  • most people understandably believe what they read, watch or listen to.
  • people are now receiving a lifetime of Leftist perceptions of the world (especially when one includes higher education) and therefore regard what they believe about the world as reality, rather than as a Leftist take on reality.

All of this has caused rising anti-Americanism worldwide, including even in America. The anti-American agenda is dishonest and dangerous.

For too long, anti-American forces have played unopposed. As a result, America has been internally weakened, and is:

  • less patriotic
  • less confident
  • more divided
  • less principled
  • more relativist
  • more equivocal
  • less morally courageous

If this trend is to continue, American decline will be irreversible. If America is to return to her best, anti-Americanism must be countered, and crushed with truth.

FLAG believes that America cannot be restored at the ballot box- the cultural and media narrative must change through education.

No less than America is at stake. But even more than that, given America’s role in the world, civilization itself is at stake.