FLAG Schools Focus

Why do we focus on American high schools and universities?

The purpose of FLAG is to explain convincingly why the world’s best hope lies with the American value system. This, of course, includes Americans.

But isn’t that preaching to the choir? Unfortunately, most of the choir has forgotten, or not learned the melody.

This is particularly true of America’s young.

No one is teaching the next generation of Americans what constitutes the American value system; let alone what is superior or unique about it. American children are being overwhelmingly educated by people who believe in European, not American values. FLAG intends on changing this.

For too long, schools and universities have undermined American patriotism. Most Americans receive a secular and leftist brainwash throughout their schooling.

The university has become the seat of anti-Americanism in America, and is the most anti-America mainstream institution. They advocate and take actions that are anti-American in their effect, if not their intent. This includes airbrushing, or rewriting history, and prioritizing change and diversity at the expense of greatness in curriculum choices.

Modern universities should be the first line of defense of liberal Western civilization and freedom of speech- of which America is the pinnacle- but a moral compass disappeared from most campuses a long time ago.

For countless professors and university presidents, the purpose of a college education is to question one’s father’s values, not to seek the truth. Fathers represented traditional American values. The university is there to undermine them.

Let’s take the example of race relations, an area where the Left have done incredible harm. Since the 1960s, schools (and the media and political figures) have told black Americans that the US is a racist society. Imagine being a black child in America constantly told how the white majority disdains you. Why work hard? The society is out to make you fail. Why befriend whites? They can’t be trusted.

But more than that, it is a lie. The US is the least racist multi-racial country in the world. It is the best place in the world for a black to live- which is why almost no black Americans have decided to leave America for anywhere, including black Africa, and why more black Africans have immigrated to America than were sent over as slaves.

FLAG pushes back, by educating high school and university students about American:

  • greatness
  • indispensability
  • achievement
  • history
  • uniqueness
  • worthiness to lead the world.

Specifically, FLAG also teaches:

  • why America is the best place in the world for anyone to live
  • the cultural circumstances that facilitate the American Dream
  • case studies of American greatness, figures such as Walt Disney, Sam Walton, and Steve Jobs
  • how to rebut anti-American arguments, and deal with anti-Americanism when confronted by it