How is one to explain that America, according to polls worldwide, a particularly humane, free, liberal country, is widely regarded as a great threat to the world? How is such a moral inversion possible? How could the greatest force for good in the world- the protector of the free world- be so widely perceived- in friendly democratic countries, no less- as evil?

The answer is largely the world’s media.

People perceive the world as the world is reported to them. How could they do otherwise?

The support of so many around the world for an anti-American position is overwhelmingly a result of the influence of the Left-wing orientation that pervades the news media, and other media such as film and television (including school and university curricula).

Leftism, where anti-Americanism finds its home, is the only way in which vast numbers of people around the world are taught to view the world.

There is no difference between what the media refer to as ‘world opinion’, and Left-wing opinion. A major reason is that the world’s news media, which are Leftist in their politics, both define “world opinion” and shape it.

Examples of left wing positions portrayed as world opinion include:

  • contempt for conservative American presidents and admiration of liberal ones;
  • opposition to almost all American military endeavors and attributing them to nefarious motives;
  • viewing Israel, not those who want to destroy it, as the major obstacle to peace in the Middle East;
  • judging the American free-enterprise system as morally inferior to Europe’s welfare systems, and;
  • deeming capital punishment “barbaric”.

Another example: if you are an American who believes that America has a poor health care system, it is probably not because you have experienced inferior health care, but because the Left and the left-Wing media have repeatedly told you that America has inferior health care.

One of the most widely-held beliefs in the contemporary world is that the world hates America. But it is not true that the world hates America. However, because the Left dominates the world’s news media and because nearly everyone, understandably, relies on the news media for their understanding of what happens in the world, many people, including Americans, believe that the “world” hates America. And, of course, the Left-dominated media help to create much of the hatred for America that does exist.

FLAG is committed to being an unfailing presence in the national and international media, providing a pro-American voice and calling out dishonest and misguided anti-Americanism.