If there was no America?

Imagine what the world would be if there were no America, or if America ceased to be strong.

This is what FLAG believes would happen, and stands to prevent:

  • Liberty on earth would be gradually extinguished
  • Islamists would take over many Muslim-majority countries. Terrorists would have no foe capable of subduing them
  • Free Taiwan would be overrun by the Communist regime in China
  • Iran, other Islamic states, and Islamist groups would seek to annihilate free Israel- resulting in a Mideast war, perhaps nuclear, the probable deaths of millions, and possibly the destruction of Israel
  • Tyrants throughout Africa would be emboldened
  • The UN would become, even more so today, a tool of anti-democratic regimes
  • The non-democratic regime ruling Russia would increasingly suppress liberty in Russia and use force to recreate the former Russian/Soviet empire
  • Latin American countries struggling to create democratic institutions would be subverted by anti-democratic regimes.

In short, the world would become a much crueler place, where terror, torture and tyranny would increase and become commonplace.

Respected polling indicates at least 100 million Muslims support violent jihad- meaning, among other things, the death of the West and its liberal values- and without America, who would stop them?